Week 1 Museum Project

The work done in week 1 consisted of a Museum word project, in which groups of threes would be given a single word. We then had to create an image, drawing and a written piece all about something in the museum that reminded or represented that word. The word that my group received was “balance”, which I was quite please with as it has many different meanings that can be portrayed in images and sculptures. When thinking about the word balance, most of the connotations were linked to peace and harmony as is true in the Chinese philosophy of ying and yang. Therefore it was one of the key factors that I decided to look for in the image and written piece.

I was given the responsibility of the image and the written piece. Although I wasn’t pleased with the picture that I had taken, as the reason behind me choosing it to represent “balance” was not clear enough at first glance. Although I can explain thoroughly the reason I chose it. I feel as if I could have easily spent more time looking for the best image or painting. The painting was a depiction of a wheat field, in which two rich gentlemen stood by as the workers pulled the harvesters tiresomely. Even though it looked very unbalanced, which it is in a way, I still saw a strange balance to all of it. Without rich men who own wheat fields, there would be no way for poor men to make money and provide for their families. Plus they are harvesting wheat, which was a vital resource in the 19th century. So even though it was ethically unbalanced, it still had a very balanced and efficient process behind it.

The written piece was looking into how Jesus was said to have brought balance to the societies that he was involved in. By countering the angry protests of the romans and there people with an understanding and peaceful response, he brought balance to an unbalanced community. And although this may have lead to his death, he was a much needed presence to push back the Roman’s forceful beliefs and laws.


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