Collage Exercise

Wall of collages

Making collages is something that I am fairly used to as I have done it before in my previous course, but I still fell as if it is something that I am yet to be good at. Some of the work created by the other students was excellent, compared to mine which was average at best. During the exercise if found myself having some sought of creative block, meaning that I found it extremely difficult to come up with anything creative or at least clever. For the first piece I created a strange character that I made out of different footballer’s pictures, combined with a pair of blue fingers. I then found the words, “Only the best make the cut” and posted them next to an illustrator of a man pointing at the character. Collage 1

For the second collage we had to take an image, rearrange it completely, but still try to keep its theme or at least some of its key features in focus. I found an excellent illustration of a construction worker which had a very unique art style. I decided to cut of the arms legs and head, and rearrange and replace them with other parts of the picture. The final piece was not as good as I would have liked it to be, and I feel as if I should have made more of an effort finding a suitable background.Collage 2


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