Image Composition Project

In week 2 we received the brief for our first major project, which was to create an A3 composition that related to a word we had chosen. The composition had to feature 4 different elements, which were; a drawing, photograph, collage and a technique from either Photoshop or Illustrator (I chose Photoshop). It also had to revolve around a certain word, and for me that word was time. One of the main reasons I chose time is because there are a lot of good approaches that I can take when it comes to putting together my composition.

To get us started with the project the lecturers gave us the task of creating multiple small sketches that related to the word. Which proved to be a very helpful foundation when it came to putting together each element.

The first technique I decided to tackle was the collage as I had a good idea of what I wanted to do. The idea was to combine different images of clocks that get newer as the time goes round. To do this I found images of clocks that seemed appropriate and looked around the same size as the others. I then printed out of all the images and put them together in a quite a rough and ripped way. I was happy with the way it came out so I scanned it into the computer so I could edit it some more in Photoshop.

CLOCKZFor the photograph I wanted play on the theme of life and death, so I decided to take a trip to the graveyard. There were some really interesting graves and it was cool to see how decayed and old some of them were. If I could I would have definitely taken more time on the photo but unfortunately I decided to rush it because I was too preoccupied with the rest of the brief.

IMG_0195One of the initial ideas I had for the composition was to use a theme of cogs, like you would find in a watch or a clock. It also meant that I could use them to split up the page and just make the entire piece look a little bit more tidy. So I looked up some images of cogs and clockwork and started to sketch them out. I liked the idea of having them split down the page diagonally so that you could see each element clearly. I then scanned them into Photoshop in so that I could colour them up and make the outlines stand out more.


The photoshop element wasn’t a piece of work, but instead a technique that I would use to edit the final composition. I wanted the entire composition to have a very grungy look to it, and I thought that making the entire piece look decayed and rotten would fit very well with the theme and the word.

I am please with the way that it came out in the end. I think that it clearly displays all of the different elements that I have used, while also having a very clear association with the word. If I could change anything I would probably go back and take a better photograph, or at least put more though into it. But overall I think that I responded to the brief quite well, although its not the best piece of work that I have created.

final comp`1


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