Letterpress Workshop – Wednesday 15th October

IMG_0208The letterpress workshop was something that I was very much looking forward to as I had only ever seen pictures of how it was done. The entire room was filled with different types of print machines, but the workshop took place in a smaller room in which the printing press machines were held. The room contained a huge shelf of different fonts, with each font taking up one shelf. The font is held in a type case with each letter cast on a metal block and assorted into sections with multiple other blocks of the same letter. The task of the workshop was to print out my name using the font provided, plus a small icon which was completely optional, I decided to use it because I was feeling creative.

In order to print out my name, the font had to be composed in a small block. This part was really interesting as we had to fill up a small metal square with pieces of wood and metal so that the line of type stayed clamped in. It also had to be completely flat otherwise it wouldn’t print out properly. When I first printed it out I made the stupid mistake of using a “d” instead of a “b”, as the letters had to be placed upside down. Once I corrected it I printed it out a few times, trying out different pieces of paper and pressure, and I am quite happy with the results. Its safe to say that I very much enjoyed the workshop and was definitely a good learning experience.


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