15 Tasks project | Monday 19th – 23rd January, 2015

The first day of the new term started with two projects, one big and one small. The big project involved getting into groups of 4 and completing 15 very different tasks, all of which have to be done in a certain area in Cardiff. The area that we were given was a small café located in the city centre called Haye’s Island Snack Bar.

It was a very interesting place architecturally, as it was literally a small island in the middle of the street that was full of tables and small stalls. It had a lot of interesting features, for example there were three chess tables that are set in the concrete so that people can bring their own pieces and play. Also there were these strange lights on the floor that covered most of the area, unfortunataly we didn’t stay long enough for them to turn on (if they turned on at all). I will write about some of the ones tasks that I completed and also the ones that I found intriguing

IMG_0045 (1)

Looking at the tasks I realised that a lot of them would involve sketching and drawing parts of the location, which isn’t one of my strong points. Therefore I decided to volunteer to complete the ones that involved writing, so that I could then turn then into graphic composition later. I documented the time, wrote down a conversation that was overheard and wrote a short story/narrative about one of the objects found in that area.

The first one I volunteered to do required me to write a short story/narrative about an object that could be found in the area. I felt as if this might be a more suited task for me as I enjoy writing and thinking of stories. When trying to find an object to write about Elliot saw that one of the giant umbrellas, which were placed in wooden holders around the area, was closed while the others were all opened. This made it look lonely and sad, making me think that it was an interesting object to create a narrative for.

Instead of writing a short story like many of the other groups did (not saying there is anything wrong with that), I thought it would be best to write something a little more mysterious about this droopy umbrella. Therefore I decided to write a poem about its past, which only took me about 5 minutes. It actually turned out to be fairly good and quite sad, which was what I was going for. Below is the poem that I have turned into a graphically designed piece making it easier and nicer to read.

The lonely umbrella

One of the tasks that I found very interesting was the one requiring us to map out the sounds in the area for 15 minutes. Jake came up with a great idea of using sound waves that are continuously going in a circle to recreate the volume of the sounds around him. It’s this brilliant idea that seemed to impress everyone at the presentation, mainly because it was so creative and different. You can see how it turned out below.


All in all the 15 Tasks project was fun to participate in and a good start to the new term. It was good to work with others in our own location as it made every group’s work different and unique, but at the same time very similar in certain ways. I think that I contributed well to the project, and although I didn’t do any drawing or compositions in my work I still think that I have shown a good example and practice of my skills.


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