5 Minute Walk | 19th January

Along with the 15 Tasks project, we were also given a small task at the start of the week to be done that day (but be presented on Friday). The task was to get into 2’s and go for a 5 minute walk and then map out the area, but obviously it had to be in a creative way. Elliot and I decided to pair up and start out walk at the park, as we thought it had some good potential for mapping out an area creatively.

We came up with a good idea of writing down what we saw, thought and felt as we walked along the path. We “mutually” decided that Elliot would write the words down, while I suggested them. It went rather well and although we ended up going a little but over time, we produced some pretty interesting results.

To turn the words into a nice composition we put them on Photoshop and tried to figure out how to make this block of text look nicer. My idea was the try and put a vector line of the path we walked down the middle of the paragraph, which turned out to be a bit simple. We then thought of using the words to make the path, evolving into mapping out the entire walk using text. We then threw in some nice effects like changing the colour of the words depending on the object. We also added a gradient to the words on the path making it transition from blue to orange, as the temperature gradually started to get warmer as the walk went on.

It was a nice task to start of the term as it helped to kick my creativity back in to action, although there wasn’t much there in the first place. Practically the task wasn’t too difficult, but it did have a lot of potential for good and creative ideas. I think our mapped out walk turned out to be quite good, but maybe I could have tried to  map out the entire area with text as there was a lot of blank space on the page that could have been used up.

Map using words


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