First Constellation lecture of 2015 | 22nd January

The first week back was very busy, with information about a lot of new briefs and projects. On Thursday we had a Constellation project which was all about the new term, and the different choices of study skill lecturers we could take part in. Each lecturer got some time to tell us what there lectures would be about and also give us a taste of what they were like as lecturers. Obviously the skills learnt would be the same for everyone, so this was more about what you would want to learn about while taking part in the study skills lectures. We have to rate the different lectures on a scale of 1 – 8 depending on how much we are interested in them (1 being the most interested), although we aren’t guaranteed a place if its in high demand.

Surprisingly there were at least 3 that really stood out, and while the others did seem interesting in certain ways I really don’t think that I could spend a term learning about their subject. The one that really stood out was Ashley Morgan’s lectures about the human body and how it was represented and explored using art, also how the body reacts to handles which looks quite different and funny. Also I think that Ashley is very good at giving lectures, as she is very enthusiastic and is very good at articulating her thoughts and communicating them with you.

The 2nd one that stood out was Dr Andy Broadey’s Constructing Movements in Art & Design. It seemed to cover a lot of things that I haven’t really looked into before, and could definitely be useful when writing an essay about art and design history and also the effect it has had on society.

My 3rd option is probably going to be the Sonic Arts lectures by Alexandros, as I am very into music and how it is produced, although these lectures are more about how we react to it and how it can be used as an art from. I thought that I would be more interested than I am in the subject and I can’t figure out why. It might be because the other ones look more interesting but it also might be because I’m not as into music as I am design, but I can also understand how it can be used in art and design.

I’m looking forward to the new term and what Constellation will bring me skills wise and also what the lectures can teach me. Hopefully I get into my top 3, but if I don’t I’m sure it won’t be the end of the world, as the other subjects still had certain aspects that appealed to me.


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