15 Tasks presentation | 23rd January

At the end of the week, as a group, we had to present our 15 tasks to everyone so that all of the groups could compare and review each other’s work. For some reason I decided to volunteer to put all of the work into a presentation, as I felt as if I hadn’t done enough of the tasks to justify my involvement.

The presentation itself went rather well, and I’m sure that we successfully communicated the reasoning and ideas behind our approaches to each of the tasks. I felt surprisingly nervous at first and although I don’t mind public speaking, this group of people is still fairly new to me and I’m not quite as confident with them as I am with others. Nerves aside I still managed to speak loudly and didn’t stutter at all, mainly because as I got into it I started to gain more and more confident.

When watching the other group’s presentations I realized that they had put a lot more effort into the way that the slides look. This is usually something that I care about a lot but unfortunately due to poor time management on my behalf I only had time to use a default theme made by PowerPoint. If I had more time I would have loved to, and probably really enjoyed, making the slides look well designed and impressive. I have found that a well-designed slide can make a large difference to how people react and remember the content, which is especially important when presenting your own work.


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