Constructing Movements in Art & Design lectures | Term 2

My term 2 Constellation study group turned out to be Constructing Movements in Art & Design, with Andy Broadey. Although this wasn’t my first choice (it was my second), but I didn’t mind as it was still something that I was fairly interested in. Looking back at it now, I was quite reluctant to go to the Constellation lectures because I didn’t really connect with the subject matter straight away. This meant that I ended up missing a couple of lectures, but I realised that I had to start going to them in order to learn about the subject and the different movements in art and design. Mainly because I knew that the 2500 word essay was going to be based solely on this subject, and the question we choose, so even if I missed a lecture I made sure I looked up the presentation and the lecture notes on Blackboard.

The thing that troubled me the most about the lectures was the inconsistency of the art that I liked. At one point Andy would be talking about something very interesting, and also about a piece of work that I thought was very beautiful and meaningful, but then at other points I was completely lost and had no interest in the artist or the subject. I definitely feel as if, looking back on my attitude, I should have done better to concentrate and be punctual during the second term.

Andy as a lecturer was great. He was incredibly engaging in the way that he spoke, and had an incredible talent to articulate very complex meanings and terms. He definitely made it easier to follow what was going on, and he clearly has a very wide and in-depth knowledge of art and design history.

At the end of this years constellations I definitely felt like I could have taken more out of them, and that was completely my own doing. Although when I was concentrating and punctual in the lectures, I found them to be very interesting and thorough. I’m glad I now have a lot more knowledge about the artists and movements that brought my subject to where it is today.


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