First day back | Branding | Year 2

It’s good to be back on campus after a long summer holiday. After a stressful couples of weeks, which mainly involved moving into my new student house, it was good to finally start the second year.

Today’s session was only small, but the main point I got out of it was that we are going to be studying a lot about branding. This is something that I have learnt about quite a bit, but still looking forward to studying it further. The presentation on branding was interesting as we were shown how important brand identity is, and how companies use ‘brand values’ to identify themselves. A brands identity and marketing strategy can make a bland product into a new and exciting one, which can even effect the price and target market. One of the brands we looked at was ‘easy’, most well known for its airline service ‘easyJet’. The brand has a very distinct appearanceĀ and colour, and that identity is carried out and copied over onto all of its other services.

At the end of the presentation we were given a small task, in pairs, to find a brand and make a small compilation of its identity and the products it makes. After a lot of searching and debate my partner and I (Mitchell) finally landed on a brand, ‘Intel’. It looked like a good brand to look at as covers a huge area of the computing market, offers a variety of products and has a distinct and recognisable brand identity. Tomorrow everyone will put what they have found on the wall so we can all discuss what brand we have chosen and why,
it will be interesting to see what people think of our choice.



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