Publish! reflection | Term 1

My first 5 weeks of field in the second year was Publish!, which was all about creating a publication or book within the 5 week time period. It could be about anything you wanted and in any style, which excited me as I really enjoyed the freedom aspect about that. It is a lot easier to be creative when you have no boundaries, although its a luxury that doesn’t come around often when you are working a live brief for a client.

The first exercise of Publish! was to create a small book out of an A4 sheet of paper. It was challenging at first as it wasn’t as simple as it looked. The way the page had to be laid out was very specific otherwise it wouldn’t have worked when printed out, so it was a bit of a struggle trying to understand how the folding and layout was going to work. In the end what I created wasn’t as experimental as I hoped it was going to be. I hadn’t left myself a lot of time to complete it, meaning that I had to just go with the path that I was taking. The outcome wasn’t terrible, but I would have wanted to do more with it.

The next part of Publish! was deciding what I was going to make in the next 4 weeks, and whether or not I was going to do that by myself or with someone else. I initially thought was creating a small informative magazine about rocks, with the focus on trying to make them look and sound interesting to people that don’t know much about them already. I was going to find the rocks myself, and then use the photography studio to take pictures of them (obviously). In hindsight, I think that I should have stuck with my guns and gone with this option as it was an idea I quite liked.

Instead I decided to do a collaboration with Dan Bird, a friend and fellow Graphics student. He was planning on making an illustrated story book, as he really liked the simple style of a couple of other dark illustrated stories that he had seen on the internet. I was enticed by this idea as I too really liked the art style he was planning on going with. Another reason being that illustration and drawing really isn’t one of my strong points, and I am always looking for ways to take me out of my comfort zone.

To be honest, Dan put a lot more effort into the final piece than I did. He is very talented when it comes to Illustrator and I lost a lot of motivation when I realised how further a head of me he was on this. And although I wrote the story, put in the text, and designed one scene, this was definitely more his book than mine.

I was disappointed in myself for not putting enough effort into the project, and I never want to let down a group again. If anything it has motivated me more to make sure that I make sure I put as much effort into group projects that I do my own projects.


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