Information Is Beautiful | First Project | Term 2

This terms field project was excellent. From the workshops, to the speakers we had in, the entire project was an invaluable experience. David had everything organised well, and we always has something to do. At the start of the year I was regretting choosing two very similar Field options that were close to my subject, as I thought it might of been better to try new things out, but in the end both of the projects have really helped me improve as a designer.

The first small task that David set us was to create an outcome based on information we had collected from the day we were set the task. And as it’s field, we were put into groups of three. My team members were Cara and Reece, with Cara doing Graphics and Reece being a Product Designer I thought that we had a good mix of ideas. With the team dynamic working well and after thinking of an idea, we got straight to work.

The information that we recorded was quite straightforward, it included counting the amount of people smiling, socialising and using their phones in three specific locations around the campus. What really made the outcome interesting was what we decided to do with that information. So after some debate we decided to make three posters displaying the information, but instead of showing the information using graphics, we wanted to use actual people around the campus. So we booked out the photography studio, and brought in as many people as we could find to take pictures of.

With Reece managing the pictures, and Cara creating illustrations, and me designing the layout. We came up with these three posters.

The Box (For Print)Zen Bar (For Print)Atrium (For Print)

We thought that putting everyone on a shelf was a good way of categorising the individuals, while also making it more humorous and light hearted.

In my opinion the posters were a great success. They display the information clearly and make people think about what they do when they walking around the University. Obviously there are always improvements that could be made, especially when it comes to printing as the posters came out a lot darker than expected. All in all the first project went well and working with Cara and Reece was a lot of fun.


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