750 Word Constellation Essay

For the first essay of the 2nd year, we were asked to write at least 750 words on something that we had covered in our study group. 750 words really isn’t that much compared to what the dissertation proposal is going to be, so it was a lot easier to relax about it and choose something a little bit more calmly.

I wanted to write about one of the more striking things from the study group, which for me was Francis Bacon’s work, and in particular his Three Studies for Figures at the Base of Crucifixion. I was blown away when I saw the painting for the first time, as I thought it was incredibly beautiful and disturbing at the same time. The way that the figure changes and morphs throughout the painting is very intriguing, as it is difficult to establish what its body is transforming into. What you can see though it the pain that the creature is in, which is what made the painting feel so disturbing in the first place.

I enjoyed writing the essay, as it is always interesting attempting to de-construct a piece of art. To write the essay I used a lot of the information that I found out in the group study, so it was very easy to find the references that I was looking for. Materials, negative space, and the inside being turned out were all topics that applied to the painting, meaning that when it came to referencing them it just felt as if I was going over what I already knew.

In conclusion I think that the essay was a nice warm up for the Dissertation proposal that is coming up. It was also a good way to use what was learnt in the study group and apply it to an actual essay. I think that the writing process went smoothly, which is mainly because I had all of the references ready to use from the previous lectures. This meant that the final piece of writing was successful, and I received good feedback for it. Writing a good essay is incredibly difficult, so getting feedback from lecturers is a great way to improve my abilities.


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