First Term Lectures with Cath Davies

For the first terms 5-week crash course lectures I was placed into Cath Davies’ group, which was called Goddesses and Monsters. I was pretty pleased that I got in as it definitely seemed like one of the more popular options.

At the start I found that the long lecture format was quite daunting, and it was difficult to concentrate for the entire lecture. Although after a few more went by I started to get used to it, meaning that in the end I feel as if the format was actually very affective at learning a lot about a subject in such a short time.  If I could have changed anything though it would definitely be to change the starting time of the lecture. I think that having it in the morning slot would be a lot easier to manage and would make it easier to process all of the information.

The reason that I wanted to be in Cath’s group was because I knew that my dissertation was going to be on something to do with horror, I just didn’t what it was going to be on specifically. The lectures were interesting, and I learnt a lot about subjects that I wasn’t interested in beforehand. Learning about Freud’s theories was an invaluable experience, as he was so clearly one of the biggest influences, and creators, of modern day psychoanalysis.

At the end of the 5 weeks I was glad that I had gotten through it, as it was quite a long process. Although, it was clearly the best way to teach an entire topic in such a short time and the experience was a vital part of preparing for my dissertation.


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