Dissertation proposal

The process of researching and writing my Dissertation proposal is over, and now I can have a nice break from reading books until I get my feedback and start on my actual Dissertation. Having found a good topic that I am very interested in, the thought of writing 10,000 words definitely feels less daunting.

As I am doing my dissertation on the construction of horror in the video game Dark Souls, I knew that there were going to be a lot of different topics that I needed to research for my proposal. Although after some good tutorials with Cath I was informed on exactly what topics I should cover. Those topics being the debates on violence in video games, the interactivity that comes with playing a game and the actual horror genre itself.

After conducting quite an in-depth search on Summon (now MetSeach), I found that nearly all of my topics were covered in on-line articles and journals, which meant that it would be a lot easier to access them from wherever I was writing my essay. I wrote down a list of each topic, and the articles that I would be using in my background reading.

The only problem that I had was that one of the smaller topics, music, had nearly no good articles or books available that covered it in detail. I looked high and low, but couldn’t find any valuable information on music in the horror genre, which I was then going to apply to video games. This was very disappointing to me, and I hope that Cath can try to help me to find some good resources on the topic. Music is such a key part of Dark Souls, and it is something that I can talk about for great lengths but I can’t do that without academic research to back it up.

Writing the overview and the plan was fairly easy, mainly because they didn’t require too much research as it was more about explaining what the proposal is going to be about and then what the plan is for the dissertation. The background reading was definitely more challenging, as there was a lot of information on my topics that I had to go through. Once I got into the flow of the writing it got a lot easier though, and I think that it is some of the most in-depth and analytical writing I have ever done. Looking back on it I think that I worried a little too much about trying to find counter arguments for the research that I found. Especially as a lot of the time different researchers would produce the same findings, but just explain them in different ways.

The proposal should hopefully show clearly exactly what my dissertation is going to be about, and I am confident that I have plenty of research to talk about in the final piece of work. It will be interesting to see what I need to change when I get the feedback, as I know that in order for it to be used as the first chapter of my dissertation a lot will need to be changed.


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