Branding project improvements | ThroughTime Corporate Parties

It was a tough decision deciding which branding concept to continue working on when it came to improving on my branding project. After asking a lot of my peers, the majority of them said that they preferred my second concept, ‘The Vortex’. It was either that or my personal favourite concept, ‘The Hourglass’, but after some thought I realised that ‘The Vortex’ was the better overall design.

Once I had selected the concept that I wanted to continue it was time to look at the feedback and get designing again. The feedback that I received was mostly praise, and so was the feedback that I received from my peers, so I thought that it wasn’t necessary to make any changes to the logo or the font.

The main goals that I set out was to design a full set of stationary, improve on the website and then create a full brand guide. Designing the stationary was fairly easy as it is evident in most other designs that keeping it simple was the way to go. For the letter head and the folder I placed the logo faded out in the top left corner as I felt that it made the pages more interesting.

Stationary Mockup

After making some subtle improvements to the website and creating some simple editorial advertisements it was time to move on to the more difficult task, making the brand guide. After doing a lot of research into brand manuals and looking at other designs I realised that there are a lot of rules to follow. Keep it simple and clean, use the brands colours, make sure the design is a reflection of the brand and keep the text small. Below is an example of a brand guide template following these same rules.


When it came to designing my own brand guide I was quite at home as I am used to using InDesign, so making a clean and clear layout wasn’t too difficult. It took me a couple of days to complete but by following the rules that I set myself, while still experimenting with page layout, I believe that I have created a clear and concise brand manual/guide for ThroughTime Corporate Parties. Below are some of the pages of the guide in a digital mock-up, the rest can be viewed on my portfolio site –

Front Cover NewPages 4-5Pages 6-7



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