FMP – Dissecting the news

After some more brainstorming on the use of information in newspapers I made the decision on what will be created for this project. I am going to take some of the largest newspapers in the UK and condense them down to a single sheet of paper. By doing this I will not only show how much excess information there is in newspapers, but also how one sheet of paper can communicate the exact same thing as over 90 pages. Just like the initial idea generation process, I feel as if I reached this direction fairly quickly compared to other projects, which is great as now I can crack on with the research as early as possible.

The first step of the process is the research, so I went out and bought some of the main newspapers in the UK and started to break them down. By using marker pens I was able to section off parts of the newspaper that I thought were useful, like statistics and actual communication of the story, compared with the parts that I feel are unnecessary.

Actually sectioning off the newspapers visually aided me greatly in realising the scope of this project. Every single newspaper, from the Telegraph to The Sun, featured so much unnecessary space and content. However, these newspapers are also trying to make money so it is understandable why they allow so much room for large headlines and advertisements. That’s why I decided that I wasn’t going to use my project as a proposed alternative to newspapers, but instead as a form of information design that eludes to the use of print media in the digital era.

Along with visually dissecting the newspapers I also had a look at the actual content featured inside of them. By comparing the number of articles compared with the number of pages I was able to figure out how many articles each paper featured per page.

The Daily Telegraph – 2.1

The Sun – 1.4

The I – 1.6

The Daily Mail – 1.0

The Guardian – 1.1

Obviously there were some variables, for example the Telegraph is far bigger in size compared to the majority of other newspapers, but this still gave me a good understanding of how efficiently the newspapers are using their space.

As the project progresses I will continue to dissect the newspapers in order to find new information, but the next big step will be figuring out the style of the newspaper and creating a typographic system. I am very confident in the direction that the project is going in and the research I have conducted so far has given me some very interesting results.


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